Partnering Universities

Catholic University, South Korea

Catholic University

With over 155 years of history and tradition, Catholic University specializes in awakening the tremendous potential and talents hidden deep within young people. Catholic university was ranked 4th in the fields of education and finance. It was also ranked 7th in the fields of Humanities and Social science (Joong-Ang Ilbo’s General Evaluation of Universities) And it was ranked 1st in student-faculty ratio, overall proportion of faculty and student enrolment.

Pukyung National University, South Korea

Pukyung National University

Pukyong National University is a national university located in Busan, South Korea. The University has excellent facilities for Marine and Technology studies.Pukyong National University has one of the highest graduate employment rates among national universities in Korea. PKNU has 6 colleges including a large humanities and social sciences department, 4 graduate programs with master's courses in 60 departments in 15 interdisciplinary programs and doctoral courses in 56 departments and 12 interdisciplinary programs. In addition there are 8 research institutes.

Yeungnam University, South Korea

Yeungnam University

Youngsan University is a private university in southeastern South Korea. It operates a main campus in Yangsan City, South Gyeongsang province, a branch campus in nearby Busan, and an "auxiliary learning center" in Seoul. Youngsan offers undergraduate degrees in various practical fields, including international studies, law, Asian business, and information engineering. It also offers graduate degrees in legal affairs, hotel tourism management, information technology, real estate, and teachingEnglish as a foreign language.

Dongguk University, Seoul, South Korea

Dongguk University

Dongguk University is a prestigious private institution in South Korea. It was one of the first institutions in the Republic of Korea to gain university status. Dongguk University is an impressively large university with campuses located in cities such as Gyeongju, Ilsan, Los Angeles, and the capital city of Seoul. The university provides education to elite students and intellectuals as well as having cultivated various leaders of modern South Korea. Dongguk University was founded in 1906. It is located in the centre of Seoul.

Sookmyung Womens University, South Korea

Sookmyung Womens University

Sookmyung Women’s University is Korea’ first national private women’s school. It was established in 1906 by the Royal Family of King Go-Jong. The motto of the university is ‘Save our nation through women’s education.’ It is offering up to 150 courses in English through undergraduate and graduate programs. It was selected as the first women’s ROTC University which selects female army officers among the university students.

Kyungsung University, Busan, South Korea

Kyungsung University

Kyungsung University is a private university in Busan, South Korea. Kyungsung University was established in 1955. It consists of 52 school courses. It is renowned for film studies and art studies. Kyungsung University is forming practical and productive international exchange programs with other universities located in India, the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, England, Kazakhstan, Philippines Hongkong and Taiwan.

Youngsan University, South Korea

Youngsan University

Youngsan University was established in 1973. It has the department of Indian Business. The following subjects are taught in the department of Indian Business: English, Hindi, Indian politics, Indian economy, case study on Indian firms, Indian company law. Youngsan University focuses on nurturing elites well versed in business towards becoming CEOs of hidden champions and professional lawyers. The CEOs of hidden champions capable of developing local companies as a strong global company will be able to understand the global trends and create new corporate values.

UNIPD,University of Padova , Italy

 UNIPD,University of Padova

The Università degli Studi di Padova', UNIPD is a premier Italian university located in the city of Padua, Italy. Founded in 1222 as a school of law was one of the most prominent universities in early modern Europe. It is one of Italy’s leading universities and ranks in the first position in all the recent ranking of Italian large universities. The Department of Economics and Management covers a broad range of research areas: accounting, corporate finance, econometrics, banking and finance, industrial organization, macro-economics, management, micro-economics, organization studies and economic history.

Australian Catholic University, Australia

Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University is a public university which commenced operations in 1991 following the amalgamation of four Catholic tertiary institutions with history dating back to the mid-1800. It is an Australian-government-funded institution. The school of business offers high standards of business education in Sydney and stresses a practical, problem solving approach to learning.

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James Cook University , Australia

James Cook University

JCU is one of the most successful universities in regional Australia. It is the second oldest university in Queensland and primary provider of professional personnel for Northern Queensland. JCU’s network of Australian and international partners provides MBA students with unique opportunity to undertake their program across diverse locations like Queensland, Cairns and Singapore.

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Nazareth College of Rochester, New York

Nazareth College of Rochester

Nazareth is coeducational, independent college on a suburban campus outside Rochester, N.Y. The School of Management holds membership in the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration. It holds Initial accreditation from the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education.

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Western Michigan University, USA

Western Michigan University

WMU has been providing education since 1903, and is consistently listed by the U.S. News and World Report as one of the country’s top 100 public universities. It offers world class Post Graduate Management education to prepare current and future generations of managers



Assumption University , Thailand

Assumption University

Assumption University has been providing education to the youth since 1969 and is the first International University in Thailand. The university, a non-profit institution, is administered by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, a worldwide Catholic religious order.

The university is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education. Its academic standards are accepted by the Civil Service Commission of Thailand. Assumption University is well recognized in USA and other countries

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UCAM - Catholic University of Murcia, Spain

UCAM - Catholic University of Murcia

UCAM is a Catholic University that offers official European accredited Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D./Doctorate, Vocational and Languages programmes. The University has more than 15.000 students between the campuses of Murcia (Spain), Cartagena (Spain) and Montevideo (Uruguay).
It Is the University of Sport in Europe with 22 professional teams and about 80 Olympians.
 Characteristics: low student to teacher class ratio, personal tutoring, education centered on ethical and personal values, practical teaching methods, modern labs and state of the art equipment.

UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTO - University of Porto, Portugal

UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTO - University of Porto

Founded in 1911, the University of Porto (U.Porto) is a benchmark institution for Higher Education and Scientific Research in Portugal and one of the top 150 European Universities according to the most relevant international ranking systems. With its 15 schools and over 50 research centers the U.Porto has the richest academic community in Portugal offering more than 600 training programs. Currently, it is the most international of Portugal's universities thanks to its active cooperation with hundreds of higher education institutions worldwide.



UNINT, UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI INTERNAZIONALI DI ROMA – Rome University for International Studies.The Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma - UNINT, administrated by the FORMIT Foundation, is a non-state university education institute established in Rome in 1996. Courses of study are available in the fields of credit, finance, private and public healthcare, insurance, commerce, public administration, and national and international of economic organization.



Fondazione CUOA is a leading Business School and one of the most active centers in Italy for the development and promotion of managerial and entrepreneurial skills in the private and public sectors. Not only do over 3.500 local businesses collaborate with the Business School, but Fondazione CUOA has also developed collaborations with foreign partners in order to offer successful international training courses which have been attended by students from 50 countries and led to the development of many projects in various parts of the globe.



The Rome Business School is a managerial training and research institute of excellence. It offers professional training courses in the fields of: General Management, Marketing, Human Resources and Cultural Management. The courses are designed to provide the knowledge necessary to start up or develop your professional or entrepreneurial career, with reference to the international environment.