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Rajagiri National Business Quiz

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Rajagiri National Business Quiz


Rajagiri National Business Quiz

The stage is all set for another round of face off amongst the premier quizzing brains of the country. Rajagiri Business School(RBS) presents the 8th Edition of Rajagiri National Business Quiz (Rajagiri NBQ 2017), an inquisitive and challenging nationwide quiz game where players intellectually battle it out for the ultimate win. Rajagiri NBQ 2017 comes with an unparalleled legacy of 7 years in bringing together the corporates and the student categories on to a single platform. Grand Finale of RajagiriNBQ’17 will be held on October 14, 2017. Like always, we aim at bringing the best quizzing minds in the country to a single platform. Also, having had CNN-IBN and Times Now as our media partners have ensured that the event gets all the national coverage it deserves. The RajagiriNBQ team is proud to welcome you to the quest of wit and wisdom to win an exciting cash prize worth more than Rs. 3.8 lakhs.  Separate prizes to be won in the Corporate and Student Categories.


Quiz Master

Mitesh Agarwal

Vice President & India CTO – Oracle India

Mitesh Agarwal - our Quizmaster, is a multi-faceted personality with a very successful professional career. He has distinguished himself as one of the topmost executives in corporate India as well as an excellent quizzer who has won numerous quizzes across the country. Mitesh has been blessed with the gift of recall for totally banal and useless trivia, and that makes him an unbeatable quizzer and a brilliant quiz master. His quizzing passion is not his regular paycheck as he works at Oracle India as their Vice-President & CTO. A past winner of Rajagiri NBQ and the quiz master for Rajagiri NBQ 2017, Mitesh tries to bring about the highest quality and uniqueness to the whole event. So gear up for yet another enthralling year of RAJAGIRI NBQ with the Quiz Master Mr. Mitesh Agarwal.



The theme RajagiriNBQ’17 is ‘Charging Bull’. 'Charging Bull' is the symbol of strong financial optimism. 2017 has been remarkable so far for India. Both Sensex and Nifty have hit record highs in 2017. With the recent financial reforms, Indian economy is all set to enter a new orbit. RajagiriNBQ'17 wants to share this optimism with all the contestants for this battle of brains!